Move stock. Not dust.

Our selected batch orders come direct from the distributors based on personal use and performance. We have no desire to buy 1,000 AEG's from brand X just to flip them as quickly as possible to make a buck. Shop with the comfort of knowing that what we stock, is what works, for you, and us, the airsofter.


Why Shop Intrigue? It's simple. We are owned and operated by airsoft players; just like you. Instead of having thousands in inventory of one airsoft gun that we have to "Swear is the BEST"; we order small batch stock direct from the brand names we trust because we have used them and know that they can preform with minimal failure. Look... everything breaks no matter the brand and amount of money paid. That's life. We are here to share our experiences with you in order to maximize your purchase and opportunity in the field. When every shot counts; know that you have all of Intrigue's staff behind your choice. WE KNOW AIRSOFT and only carry what we can sale while being totally honest to our customers. Sleep easy knowing your money was well spent on brands and guns WE HAVE TESTED for extensive personal use ON THE FIELD. 
That's my word. - Diles46